Present Arms

Are your cocks loaded and pumped for some intense military action? Dirk Yates does it again with seven armed and ready Marines in this full hardcore uniformed thriller. Huge loads are spilled by superstar Trenton Ducati and in his first hardcore action movie, C1R exclusive Jason Phoenix puts all his 6’3 frame and 8 inch cock to good use, in 2 scenes. Perverted newcomer Brock Avery shows what Nasty is all about. Real Marines, real action!

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Stars: Jake Jammer Brock Avery Jerek Miles Jason Phoenix Angelo Marconi Trenton Ducati Jay

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Straight Off Base Special Ops: Jack

Jack stops by on his way to join his fellow Marines at the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball and winds up popping his own two big balls to begin the celebration!

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Stars: Jack (lll)

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Reenlisted 2

Real military men trying out gay porn. These studs are from the army and when you go without sex for months anything will turn you on. Includes extras. Enjoy!

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Stars: Jaxon Dawson Shea (m) Riley (m) Cruz Max Niko Brock Tim

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Behind The Line 3

Behind The Line 1 was all about Big Jake now were bringing in his namesake, Jake II, to fill his shoes in part 3 of the Behind The Line series. Jake II may not be new to bottoming, but hes always filmed with just one guy at a time. Now were upping the stakes, as Jake takes two guys on at once in a no-holds-barred threeway with Riley and Shea where anything can happen! Then, Jake takes Jaxon on one-on-one in a hot shower encounter that will leave them both soaked and satisfied. Plus, dont miss these hot solos from Max & Dawson, who were featured on film for the first time in Re-Enlisted 2!

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Stars: Jake (Active Duty) Shea (m) Dawson Jaxon Riley (m) Max

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Active Duty Taboo

Things get really heated up during Steves and Cams photo shoot with some cock sucking, nipple play and kissing at hand. They both dont waste any time, and are eager to get started. Steve wants it now! They move over to the couch, Steve spreads his ass and sits right down on Cams stiff throbbing cock and takes it for a long ride. Marine 4-way: J.O. Andres is 21, Caleno is 20, Anthony is 19 and Johnny B is 22. After watching a porn and talking macho Marine shit, all four Marines strip down and stroke their cocks. After taking turns squirting their loads, they all head for the shower where Caleno helps cool them off and clean them up. Huge-dicked Kye offers his bottom buddy some alcohol to loosen him up, then fucks Brent in the kitchen in countless positions before moving to the living room. Zack is a 22 year old U.S. Marine who is well endowed. He starts out in the shower working up his horse dick and fingering his hole. After cleaning up, Zack kicks back and watches a video, stroking his massive cock, it is obvious that stroking his own cock is not enough. He grabs the cameramans cock. Watch three 19 year old Marine Boys strip in a game of strip poker. After drinking a few beers, stripping down and lots of talk about their girlfriends, these three hot boys are horny and hard. Tony reaches over for Troys crouch and takes charge. Troy is a little uneasy about having a guy undress him, but knows he wants this. Watch their cocks rise as their clothes slowly come off.

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Stars: Kye Edan Steve Jonz Brent Lancaster Corey Sutherland Tony Salvatory Phil Clark Cam Caleno Andres Rod Steele Johnny B. Anthony Zack * Troy Steele

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Barebacking Military Dude

This sexy military dude returns. I can’t get enough of that big hard pole he has! I love the way he shoves it down my throat and how much he loves it when I fuck his tight ass bareback style!

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Daddy’s Iron Rule

These hotties strongly believe in having their firm hand around hard cocks, along with their wet mouths and warm buttholes engulfing every inch!

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Stars: Ray Cutler Alex Hell Andy Fisher Ondra Matej Yuri Adamov Ryan Olsen Oscar Hart Thomas Fiaty

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Battleground 2

Join Niko, Gannon and Cruz as they team up in this hot new Active Duty movie.

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Stars: Gannon Cruz Niko

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Folsom Maneuvers

Are you man enough for the mission? Your assignment… to engage in some tactile outdoor maneuvers in Folsom Maneuvers, the latest from TitanMen’s award-winning line of co-branded Folsom films. The motto is "go hard or go home" for eight officers — led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, JR Matthews and Will Parker — who load their guns, take aim and let the bullets fly in some combustible cock combat. Folsom Maneuvers is calling… do you have what it takes? Taking a break from his outdoor duties, tattooed grunt Adam Knox starts to stroke his weapon — and gets more than he bargained for when voyeur Tony Buff takes command. While out for a run Dean Flynn and JR Matthews continue to sweat after a rest becomes raunchy as JR turns into a dirty dog on all fours. After leaving his post to take a piss, guard Will Parker gets more than a mouthful of piss and cock from angry superior Gio Forte. Tyler Saint gets distracted by Ryan Russell’s cargo of illicit dildos, turning their routine task into a scorching secret assignment that ends in a steaming golden shower. Finally, Dean Flynn has some unfinished business with JR Matthews, tying him to a tree for more disciplinary measures.

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Stars: J.R. Matthews Ryan Russell Adam Knox Will Parker Gio Forte Tyler Saint Tony Buff Dean Flynn

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Line Of Assault

When the troops are horny, they know who to call. Fresh off the base, 3 new recruits make their debuts on the SpunkWorthy cameras, along with 3 veterans who come back for extra duty, getting off with the help of a guy for the first time, or rally their battle buddies for a 3-man circle jerk. When money is tight, the Line Of Assault is one that even str8 guys will bravely cross!

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Stars: Nevin Koury Alec Cole Damien Tom Red

Categories: Str8 Bait High Definition Military Gay Masturbation Cumshot

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